Amazon is expanding to Fargo, ND and they hope to be open by 2021. Amazon has just about anything a customer could ever want. They have taken over the internet world and they are usually the cheapest place that one can buy items.  Amazon is all over the country and announced a Fargo, ND and Sioux Falls, SD facility and the Fargo one will create over 500 jobs. The Amazon building in Fargo will be about a million sq feet. This is great for the state of North Dakota for Amazon to be coming here and good for the job market. Amazon pays well and has great benefits and will bring a lot of jobs to the Fargo, ND area.  Amazon is usually where most people do their online shopping due to the Amazon Prime or two day shipping that Amazon offers. The most important thing that most people like about Amazon is they offer easy returns. The last time I needed to return an item it took me a total of five minutes to get everything ready and then I dropped it off at Kohls and they sent it back. Many North Dakotans are happy that we are finally getting an Amazon facility. They have their own trucking fleet and delivery vans in a lot of big cities. Amazon has also tried using drones to deliver packages to customers houses. I think it would be cool if they started delivering packages here with drones. Have you ever bought anything on Amazon? What have you bought? 



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