For many, the Labor Day weekend means the last weekend at the lake.  We however tend to go well into October.  There's nothing like the Autumn colors and spending some lake time.  Not to mention the BIG fish are usually on the chew getting ready for winter.

We spent Labor Day weekend at our cabin in North East South Dakota!  (Enemy Swim Lake)  The weather sure had a hint of fall to it, with jackets and sweatshirts each morning.  However, it felt like Summer by lunchtime and we sure caught some nice fish again.  Including my personal best Smallmouth Bass of the season.  20 inches and just shy of 5lbs.

Our favorite way to catch bass is on top water and we had a couple awesome evenings doing that.  In fact, forget doubles.  There was a couple of times where all 5 of us had fish on at the same time.

Led to some hectic times trying to land all these fish.  A good problem to have!

All of our Smallmouth go back into the lake.  Catch and release only!

I know when it comes to Autumn many put away their poles for shotguns, but don't forget about some fishing.  It's usually some of the best of the season.