At the time of this article we are sitting at 36 cases of COVID-19 - Coronavirus in the state of North Dakota.  Which is the second least in the country.  Only South Dakota with 30 has fewer.  So, I decided to come up with a list of why you have little to worry about living here in Bismarck - Mandan.

#1 The majority of us drink "Busch Light" beer!  Now if you happen to get the coronavirus, if the acid in your gut doesn't kill the virus, Busch Light beer certainly will.  You could probably use it to disinfect your surfaces at home.  When you pee, it actually cleans the toilet.  It's a Bismarck - Mandan favorite, embrace it.

#2  We've been practicing "social distancing" in North Dakota since we entered the union in 1889.  Heck, most people across the country think North Dakota is part of Canada.  And you know what?  We like it that way.

#3 Even though hand sanitizer is tough to find in the stores, we know how to make our own out of Everclear in Bismarck - Mandan.  Although, it sometimes comes out as Jello Shots.

#4 CDC says "Stay six feet away from each other".  North Dakotan's: "That seems a bit close".

#5 We've got "Heart" in Bismarck - Mandan.  Not sure what that has do with not getting coronavirus but it sounded good.  In fact, this picture is from Bismarck.  Can you see the "heart"?


Seriously, this article was meant for comical purposes only.  COVID-19 is serious situation and we have more cases in Burleigh & Morton counties, than any other part of the state.  Stay at home if you can, wash your hands and listen to me on the radio.


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