According to an article on Valley New Live, 13 student athletes at North Dakota State University have just tested positive for the coronavirus.  There have been 247 COVID-19 tests administered on student athletes on campus who are participating in summer camps.  They involve  students from football,  volleyball, soccer, men’s and women’s basketball and wrestling.  In the article, Assistant Athletic Director Ryan Perreault confirmed the positive tests.

It sure makes you wonder how all these sports are going to come together during this pandemic.  I'm guessing you will see cancellations of games when flare up's occur during the high school, college and even pro seasons.  We certainly are heading into uncharted water, at least in our times anyway.  Can you imagine buying tickets for a Minnesota Vikings game, and the game is postponed hours before kick off because 20 players comedown with COVID-19, and the whole team is quarantined?  Pretty good bet you will see that with pro-sports at some point.  I wonder if the bye-week will be used to make up games if possible in the NFL?  Similar situations will happen with college football this season too.  Each team typically has at least one bye-week during the season.  Maybe they could make up one game.  It will obviously be tougher to do with high school football or other sports in general.

Ryan Perreault, the Bison's Assistant Athletic Director said one of the 13 has already recovered for NDSU.  The other 12 are doing well according to the article but are no longer participating in the workouts.



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